Choice. Convenience. Control.

Give your clients an advantage in retirement, with customizable solutions to help maximize retirement assets.

The Voya Advantage family of products offers:

  • Freedom to choose among an array of investment options
  • Access to some of the best fund managers in the industry
  • Minimal fees

Voya Preferred Advantage Variable Annuity

Voya Preferred Advantage Variable Annuity provides tax advantages and access to a diverse mix of asset classes with minimal fees to potentially help your clients maximize their retirement savings. This may be the right product for your client's non-qualified assets.


Voya Select Advantage IRA

Voya Select Advantage IRA Mutual Fund Custodial Account is a single IRA account with access to a broad range of mutual funds with minimal fees.* With over 100 investment options and more than 30 well-known fund managers, this is a great option for your clients IRA assets.

  • AM Funds
  • Black Rock
  • Eaton eaton_vanceance