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Voya Select Advantage IRA Mutual Fund Custodial Account is a single IRA account with access to a broad range of mutual funds with minimal fees.*

No front-end loads No back-end fees No transaction fees No deferred sales charges No transfer-out fees

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Same product, new name!

Voya Select Advantage IRA is the same product you know with over 100 mutual funds from over 30 money managers. All the same tools, services and support, with a new name.   Add to your favorites (passcode is still advantage).

ING U.S. is Voya FinancialTM

Voya FinancialTM is a company dedicated to redefining what it means to be ready for retirement. While our name has changed, the mission we have is clear – to make a secure financial future possible, one person, one family and one institution at a time.   Visit to learn more.

Voya Fast Track now available with Voya Select Advantage IRA!

Fast Track is our online application entry system that is both fast and easy to use with electronic signature and submission capabilities. No need to fill out multiple forms– all forms are now in one application.   Access Fast Track

  • AM Funds
  • Black Rock
  • Eaton eaton_vanceance

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