Trust Administration for MCO Health & Welfare Fund

Welcome! MCCFU has teamed with Voya Benefits Company, LLC to provide benefit eligible employees with access to Dental and Vision benefits. Through it's predecessor company, Voya Benefits Company LLC has provided third party benefit administration for over 30 years and we look forward working with you!

  • Open Enrollment is typically held every year in November. Employees who wish to enroll for the first time in the new plan year or make any changes to their existing coverage can do so through the Open Enrollment form in the section below.
  • Mid-year changes are only permitted if you have a life changing event, such as recently married, divorced, or the birth of a new child or adoption. If you’ve experienced one of these events, you can enroll into the Dental & Vision benefits within 60 days from the event, with proof of the event (i.e. marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate).
  • If you are a new hire employee with MCOFU and working for Dukes County Sheriff’s Department, there is a 9-month waiting period before you’re eligible to enroll for Dental/Vision benefits. All other departments have a 6-month waiting period before enrollment eligibility.
  • Premium contributions for these Dental/Vision benefits are payroll deducted from your bi-weekly paychecks.
  • Insurance ID Cards: members receive a set of two insurance ID cards from both Delta Dental and Eye Med Vision (if enrolled in the vision plan). Both ID cards will be printed with the member’s name only! If member needs extra/replacement ID cards, you have two options: you can either request a paper copy of your ID card(s) to be emailed/mailed to your home, OR you can download the mobile app for Delta Dental and/or Eye Med Vision, complete your member registration, and you will have access to your ID card from your cell phone. If you would like a paper copy of your ID cards be emailed or mailed to your home, please submit an email request to [email protected]
  • Vision Voucher Plan: MCOFU offers a voucher program option in lieu of their regular vision plan, you cannot have both vision plans, and cannot switch between plans mid-year, only during Open Enrollment. Members can choose to enroll in the voucher program, which allows them to purchase glasses and/or contacts made by inmates at the Gardner Prison for a discounted price. Vouchers are allowed 1 per person on the plan, once every 24 months. Each voucher is good for 45 days and worth up to $150. If you are enrolled in the voucher program and would like to request a reimbursement voucher form, please submit email to [email protected] which must include: member’s full name and state employee ID#, whom is the voucher for, and how would you like it to be sent to you (email or mail)
  • Medical Leave: If you have a medical leave of absence for any period of time during which your payroll contributions stop for any reason, you can continue your Dental/Vision benefits and be direct billed through Voya Financial. Once your leave ends, or if your payroll contributions resume, the member needs to notify Voya Financial when leave ends and payroll deductions will resume.
  • COBRA: If your employment with MCOFU ends for any reason, including retirement, your Dental/Vision benefits will continue for 1 full month after your separation month (i.e. separation date 3/07/2020, benefits will continue through 4/30/2020), at which time you will be offered COBRA continuation for 18 months. Voya Financial also administers the COBRA benefits for MCOFU, you will receive an offer packet along with the cost per month. If you choose to elect COBRA, elections and payment can be made online through the COBRA portal or return your election form back to Voya Financial along with your premium. Once your 18 months of COBRA ends, you can shop on the open market for other Dental/Vision insurance or speak with Group Insurance Commission (617-727-2310) for other options. At this time, the cost for COBRA is $70 per month for Single coverage and $77 per month for Family coverage. Costs may be subject to change.
  • Retiree Benefits: When you retire from MCOFU, aside from being offered COBRA continuation for 18 months, you will also be offered the Retiree Dental/Vision benefits which is for life! In order to enroll into the Retiree Benefits, you would need to pay off the remainder balance ‐ while an active employee, you’ve already contributed towards the buy-in cost amount of $1,974.00. Whatever the unpaid balance is at the time of your retirement date, Voya Financial will mail you a packet with that remainder balance, which needs to be paid within 12 months. Once the balance is paid in full, your Dental/Vision benefits will remain active for life. In addition to the $1,974.00 buy-in cost amount, there will be a monthly $13.00 administration fee billed by Voya Financial to service these benefits for you. *** Effective Jan 2024, the union board of Trustees has further agreed and voted to add a 3rd tier to the retiree dental/vision plan as Retiree + Two, which means that retirees now have the option of adding their spouse AND one dependent child to their coverage, whereas before this change was put in effect, they were only allowed to add a spouse OR one dependent child. This additional tier level is at no extra cost to the retirees, still $13 per month administration fee. The language in all new retiree welcome packets will be updated to inform members of this option. All existing retirees currently enrolled as Retiree Only, or Retiree + Spouse, or Retiree + Child have the option to make this change now to Retiree + Two with a written email request to [email protected] ** Also effective this year, when you receive your retiree welcome packet with your payment coupons, payment is expected every month, you no longer have an initial “grace period” of 12 months. If at any point your retiree dental/vision insurance gets terminated for non-payment, ACH automatic bank withdrawal recuring monthly payment enrollment will be required along with a phone call or email to [email protected] for your coverage to be reinstated.
  • NOTE: If you do not wish/need to be enrolled in this MCOFU Retiree dental/vision plan, please submit a request via email to [email protected] to cancel your coverage. Be advised that any and all premiums that you’ve already paid into the plan will not be refunded back to you! Funds are forfeited back to MCOFU.
  • Open Enrollment for 2024PY dates are 11/01/2023 – 11/30/2023
  • 2024PY Open Enrollment E-Form
  • Delta Dental of MA Customer Service #800-872-0500, your Group ID# 006350 (for active enrolled members, and COBRA enrolled), also for retirees the Group ID# 013885
  • Eye Med Vision Customer Service #866-939-3633, your Group ID# 9737008 (for active enrolled members, and COBRA enrolled), also for retirees the Group ID# 1005246