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Like you, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led all of us at Voya Employee Benefits into an unexpected world of quarantines, closed workplaces, and social distancing. As we continue to adapt in this new environment, one thing remains the same: Our team is here to provide the answers and support you need. Start with the frequently asked questions below. Then, if your question is still unanswered, let us know or reach out to your employer.

Info at-a-Glance

Curious if your coverage has a COVID-19 connection? Use this chart to find out:

Critical Illness/Specified Disease Insurance

If your employer elected to include the Infectious Disease benefit in your coverage, and the insured person is diagnosed with an infectious disease (such as COVID-19) and confined in a hospital for a specified number of consecutive days, a benefit may apply.

If your employer did not elect the Infectious Disease benefit, then COVID-19 is not likely to be a covered illness under your Critical Illness/Specified Disease Insurance coverage.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

If COVID-19 causes confinement to a hospital, critical care unit or rehabilitation facility, Hospital Indemnity Insurance benefits may apply.

Being in quarantine outside of a hospital facility does not qualify.

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance coverage is related to specific types of covered accidents and injuries. It’s unlikely that an Accident Insurance claim would be related to COVID-19.

Short Term Disability Income Insurance

If you’re ill with COVID-19 and unable to work, you may be eligible for a Short Term Disability Income Insurance benefit.

Being healthy, but unable to work because you’re quarantined isn’t likely to meet the definition of “disability” that’s required for Short Term Disability Income Insurance benefit eligibility.

Health Savings and Spending Accounts

For a full view of how your Health Savings and Spending Accounts may have been affected, log into your account at voya.com/myhealthaccounts

Please note that you can always file a claim if you are insured and feel you are eligible for benefits; a determination will be made through the claims review and based on provisions of your coverage. Please refer to your certificate of insurance and riders for a complete description of benefits, exclusions and limitations.

Remember your annual Wellness Benefit!

If you have Critical Illness/Specified Disease, Hospital Indemnity and/or Accident Insurance and your coverage includes a Wellness Benefit, then it's helpful to know that COVID-19 screenings and vaccinations qualify as eligible health screenings. The Wellness Benefit is payable once per year even if you complete multiple screening tests during that year. You can also receive a benefit for your spouse and children (up to the maximum amount for all children) if they are also covered by the wellness benefit and complete a health screening test. For a complete description of provisions, available benefits, exclusions and limitations, see the certificate of insurance and rider.

To get started, visit voya.com/claims, scroll down to "Have a Wellness Benefit Claim?" and click “Get Started.” Begin entering your information, and when prompted to identify the screening test, choose "Other" from the drop-down menu. Enter "COVID-19 Screening" in the box, then continue submitting your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions about Claims

If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for a benefit payment, start by reviewing the frequently asked questions below. Then, take a look at your certificate of coverage and riders, or policy documentation and/or check in with your employer to confirm your coverage eligibility. After that, if you feel like you have experienced a covered event and may be eligible for a benefit payment—or even if you’re still unsure—you are encouraged to submit a claim via the online Voya Claims Center. The claims team will review your claim submission based on the policy provisions and any eligible benefits will be paid. Please note that filing a claim may require any necessary medical records or proof of claim as determined during the review process.

If you are in this situation, and are covered by Voya-offered Life Insurance, Disability Income Insurance and/or Supplemental Health Insurance (Accident Insurance, Critical Illness/Specified Disease Insurance, and/or Hospital Indemnity Insurance) you are likely to remain eligible for coverage under the policy. Premium payment is still required, subject to the premium grace period. (While this continuation applies to most Voya-offered plans, some offer different continuation options, so it is important to check the contract provisions offered by your employer’s plan.)

If you’ve been temporarily furloughed, this is typically considered an approved leave of absence, which means you are still eligible for coverage as stated in the group policy. However it’s important to note that premium payments are still required. Your employer is responsible for determining how they’d like to handle the employee portion of premiums. They will let you know your next steps; your employer may choose to collect premium payments when you return to work, or they may offer another alternative.

If a layoff becomes permanent and you are no longer eligible for coverage under the group policy, there may be a provision that allows for “portability” (continuation of your Supplemental Health Insurance or Group Term Life Insurance) and/or “conversion” (converting your Group Term Life Insurance policy into an Individual Whole Life Insurance policy). Most portable products are considered guaranteed-issue, meaning you won’t be required to answer health questions to be eligible for portability; however, some policies may provide the option to answer limited health questions in order to receive preferred rates. Converting Group Term Life Insurance into an individual Whole Life Policy does not require health questions. When you choose to continue your coverage, you will pay your premiums directly to the insurance company. More information will be sent to you if your current coverage includes portability and/or conversion options.

  • HSAs: The money in your account is yours and you can continue to use your account and your debit card as you did before. You can update your election at any time with your employer, including suspending contributions. If you are not receiving pay while on furlough, you can separately contribute to your HSA (e.g., directly from another bank account), if you are still enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDPD).
  • FSAs (Health FSA, Limited Purpose FSA, Dependent Care FSA): Your account will remain active, though you may not be able to file new claims incurred during your furlough status, depending on your employer's rules. You may be able to update your election, when you enter your furlough status, depending on your employer’s rules.
  • Commuter Benefits: Your account will remain active, but you cannot continue to use your Commuter Benefits parking and transit accounts while on furlough. You can generally change your Commuter Benefits election each month. You would update your election with your employer.

For more information about your Health Account Solutions and COVID-19, log into your account here:

  • HSAs: The money in your account is yours and you can continue to use your account and your debit card as you did before. You can continue contributing to the account only if you are enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health plan (HDHP).
  • FSAs (Health FSA, Limited Purpose FSA, Dependent Care FSA) and Commuter Benefits: You will have up to 90 days from your date of termination to file claims that were incurred while you were employed; check with your employer for specific rules. Claims incurred after your date of termination are not eligible. You will need to file a manual claim through the consumer portal as your debit card will be shut-off after your date of termination. After the run-out period, any money left unused will be returned to your employer unless you are eligible for COBRA and choose continuation of your FSA.

For more information about your Health Account Solutions and COVID-19, log into your account here:

Visit the Contact Us section of the Voya Claims Center to learn more.

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