By your side
as you manage
employee leave

Employers may find administering their workforce's leave program a complex and daunting subject. In addition to adhering to their own company leave policies, employers must comply with federal and state provisions, as well as constantly monitor pending legislation. Voya Leave Management can offer employers tailored solutions integrating leave management services with disability administration and supporting employees during their time away from work.

Reduce your administrative burden.
Experience short term disability* and leave, all integrated into one system.
Lower your risk.
Voya Leave Management can help employers remain compliant with the 200+ leave laws and regulations nationwide.
View reports in real time.
Get access to a 24-hour online portal with real-time claim status and robust reporting tools.

Simplified for you--and for your employees
Our leave and disability management services are integrated to offer a seamless and coordinated approach to employee absences. Our leave claims process provides employees with a single point of contact, whether they are only going on leave or requesting a leave with disability insurance claim.

Ready to learn more? Download the Voya Leave Management Overview to find out how we can help support you and your employees. Learn more about Voya Employee Benefits here.

Download the Voya Leave Management Overview

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