Premium Finance

Premium Finance

Voya Wealth Transfer Strategy: Making it Easier

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The probability of zero


The historical experience and strategies to manage the risk of a zero return in the Voya IUL─Global product is explored in this producer brochure. This is a simplified version of brochure 173898.

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Start Selling Voya IUL-Global Choice NY: The flexible answer to life insurance needs


This producer flyer shows how this product has flexibility with premium levels, death benefits and risk management that suit the varying needs of clients in today’s changing world.

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Premium financing opportunity with the Premium Deposit Fund (PDF) rider


This producer flyer show a case study focusing on the value of the PDF rider in premium financing. The PDF rider provides a way for clients to take out large loans at lower interest rates, resulting in a smaller loan balance and less collateral need.

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Information on life insurance policy collateral assignments


This informational flyer gives you a comprehensive overview of a tool used in a number of strategies for both individual and business clients — life insurance policy collateral assignments.

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Updated traditional premium finance vendor list (March 7, 2016)


Updated premium finance list of lenders.

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