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Retirement Planning

“75% of working Americans worry that they won't have enough savings for a comfortable retirement lifestyle.¹”
We can help.

¹Redefining Retirement Readiness, Voya Retirement Research Institute, 2013

2018 Quick Tax Reference


This handy reference tool is consumer approved and includes federal tax rates, gift and estate tax exclusion amounts and more.

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IRS Cost of Living Adjustments Announced


On October 27, 2016, the Internal Revenue Service released the 2017 Cost of Living Adjustments. Download here:

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Retirement Financial Defense: How Life Insurance May Add to Your Retirement


This new consumer brochure provides an overview of the many ways that cash value life insurance can help with your clients' retirement planning – providing a "financial defense" against both the expected and unexpected events that may occur.

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Some Things You May Not Know About Cash Value Life Insurance


This consumer flyer gives an overview of the benefits and features of cash value life insurance – including the ability to receive income tax-free payments before death, federal tax benefits, state protections and more!
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Life Insurance and the Reverse Rule of 72


This new brochure shows your clients how inflation impacts their life insurance coverage – and offers suggestions on protecting their death benefits' purchasing power.

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Using Life Insurance to Offset Lost Social Security Benefits


This consumer brochure discusses Social Security in retirement and urges married couples to look further down the retirement road by planning now with life insurance to offset the inevitable loss of Social Security benefits in the future.

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What's Your Retirement Back-Up Plan?


This consumer brochure discusses the often unexpected risks to retirement security then shows clients the benefits of using cash value life insurance in creating a flexible Retirement Back-Up Plan – to help protect their retirement security as well as that of their spouse/partner.

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