Multigenerational family

Wealth Transfer/Estate Planning

"...everything appears to promise that it will last; but in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes."
– Benjamin Franklin

What's New

2018 Quick Tax Reference


This handy reference tool is consumer approved and includes federal tax rates, gift and estate tax exclusion amounts and more.

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New Insurance and Annuity Options for Same Sex Spouses


2013 was a year of major changes for same sex spouses, greatly expanding the retirement and wealth transfer landscape for same sex spouses and opening new opportunities to benefit from planning with life insurance and annuities.

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Intra-Family Loans: An Alternative to Gifts


This consumer brochure discusses intra-family loans, an effective wealth transfer strategy - especially in this low interest rate environment - for parents/grandparents who care about transferring their wealth but who don't want to make lifetime gifts.

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Passing on Family Wealth without Making Gifts

Special Needs Planning


Parents with a special needs child often worry about who will provide for their child when they are gone.  Even if they have funds available for caring for their child, giving the child a direct inheritance may disqualify them from receiving government benefits that may be available. Life insurance death benefits in a special needs trust may be the answer.

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Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations Producer Guide


Great care should be given to beneficiary designation. Clients' situations and objectives change over time, so you should review beneficiary designations with policy owners at frequent intervals. This producer guide discusses the fundamentals of life insurance beneficiary designations, best practices, and potential tax traps.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations Producer Guide
Checklist for Life Insurance Beneficiary Designations

Life Insurance and the Reverse Rule of 72


This new brochure shows your clients how inflation impacts their life insurance coverage – and offers suggestions on protecting their death benefits' purchasing power.

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Information on Life Insurance Policy Collateral Assignments


This informational flyer gives you a comprehensive overview of a tool used in a number of strategies for both individual and business clients — life insurance policy collateral assignments.

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Some Things You May Not Know About Cash Value Life Insurance


This flyer gives an overview of the benefits and features of cash value life insurance – including the ability to receive income tax-free payments before death, federal tax benefits, state protections and more!

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Life Insurance as an Asset Class Microsite

The Life Insurance as an Asset Class concept can be illustrated on Voya Presents with all the Voya Life Companies' UL and IUL products.

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Life Insurance Capacity Calculator


Want to get your clients to rethink how they look at life insurance? The new Life Insurance Capacity Calculator helps you show clients how the Voya Life Companies looks at their insurability. This new tool can help clients make informed decisions about how much, if any, of that capacity to use and how to structure their coverage to help keep their family financially secure in a changing and uncertain world.

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