Strategy Details

What index strategy is the client using?
What is the annual guaranteed minimum interest rate?
Is there a cap on the index change rate?
What is the participation rate?
What is the index crediting period and style?

Presentation Details

When do you want the calculation to begin?
Begin of
Calculate the percentile for a specific rate?
Specified Rate

Hypothetical Percentile Rates for Rolling Periods

Hypothetical percentiles for rolling periods starting since January 1950 and ending by December 2017.
100th 90th 80th 70th 60th 50th AVG
5 Yr 2.11% 6.30% 7.63% 8.82% 10.02% 11.17% 11.67%
10 Yr 4.07% 7.18% 8.49% 9.61% 10.60% 11.48% 11.35%
20 Yr 5.89% 8.52% 9.76% 10.43% 11.02% 11.51% 11.43%
Valid for use with clients when presented with the entire Hypothetical Index Strategy report.