Voya Life Journey®

A modern approach to a classic sale.

Educational. Interactive. Easy to use and explain.

Now you can turn three meetings into one by using this revolutionary new app and get an advantage over your competition. With focus on your clients' needs, and not the product, you'll quickly and easily get real-time solutions that are smart and believable. The end result equals clients who are engaged, informed and ready to take action.

Take your clients on their financial journey today so they understand the lifelong value of life insurance tomorrow. From protection to potential accumulation to retirement income.

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What our producers have been saying...

"Simple. Efficient. Genius."

"This is the most intuitive and innovative insurance planning system I've seen."

"With the quick inputs and immediate results my clients have never been so excited to talk about their retirement planning."

"This planning system allows my clients to understand the importance of using life insurance as a source of supplemental retirement income."