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Short Term Disability Income Insurance

Group Name: Sierra View Medical Center
Group Number: 70789-9

Replace a portion of your paycheck when you can't work when you’re injured or ill.

For many households, going without income for even a few weeks can be devastating. Short Term Disability Income Insurance can help protect your finances when you can’t work because of a sickness or injury.

Review this document for a complete overview of benefits

Certificate of Coverage and Riders

What is Group Short Term Disability Income Insurance?

Group Short Term Disability Income Insurance provides you with benefits to replace part of your paycheck when you can’t work because of a sickness or injury. You may need to meet certain conditions to be eligible for benefits, such as completing a waiting period. During the waiting period, you may be able to use your vacation or sick time if offered. Generally, Short Term Disability benefits are paid for a few weeks to a few months.

How can Short Term Disability benefits be used?

When your claim is approved, you will receive weekly benefits to replace part of your income based on your coverage level. You may use this money however you would like. Below are a few examples of how your Short Term Disability benefits could be used, depending on how much coverage you have:

  • Everyday expenses, such as groceries, utilities, house payments and car payments
  • Medical bills and recovery expenses
  • Support services during your recovery

Why should I enroll through my employer?

  • Insurance premiums are simply deducted from your paycheck, so you never have to worry about a separate payment.
  • We will waive your premiums while you are receiving benefits from us.
  • The cost of Short Term Disability Income Insurance through your employer is usually much lower than an individual disability policy.

How much does it cost?

The monthly cost of Short Term Disability Income Insurance varies based on the amount of coverage and sometimes your age. Your monthly premiums may be less than dinner at a casual restaurant.

Do I need to provide health information?

Generally, if you enroll when first eligible for coverage, you will not have to provide any health information. If you enroll for coverage after the initial offer, you may need to provide us with health information on a form called "Evidence of Insurability." This form includes questions about current and past health conditions. We may also request information from treating doctors. If evidence of insurability is required, it must be approved by us before your coverage becomes effective.

This is a summary of benefits only. A complete description of benefits, limitations, exclusions and termination of coverage will be provided in the certificate of insurance and riders. All coverage is subject to the terms and conditions of the group policy. If there is any discrepancy between this document and the group policy documents, the policy documents will govern. To keep coverage in force, premiums are payable up to the date of coverage termination. Disability Income Insurance is underwritten by ReliaStar Life Insurance Company (Minneapolis, MN), a member of the Voya® family of companies. Policy Form HP08GP and/or HP13GP (may vary by state).

An injury or illness could keep you from working and collecting your paycheck. But it won’t keep your expenses from adding up. Short Term Disability Income Insurance can help ease the financial stress of an unexpected injury or sickness.

Monthly expenses:

Car payment $500
Monthly rent $1,500
Everyday expenses + $600
Total monthly expenses $2,600

Income while on disability

Monthly short term disability benefit $2,500
Monthly benefit paid $2,500

The amounts shown above are for illustrative purposes only. Actual costs/results may vary.

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